Grohe X Summit 2023​​​​​​​
I steered away from cars for a bit and dived into a new project! The Grohe X Summit event brings together experts, thought leader and innovators from around the world to explore the importance of water conservation and how we can all play a role in protecting this precious resource.
The three days are packed with keynotes, panel talks, fact snacks and masterclasses. I think we produced some innovative and engaging content that connects with audiences in a meaningful way
GROHE is Caring for water. So we made The GROHE X SUMMIT a journey. A three days’ trip from questions on socio-economic change to the role of sustainable construction to the non-tangible value of water. A tailored experience for a broad range of the GROHE target groups featuring panel talks, tech-talks and masterclasses to give impulses and make inspiration flow. 
Reflecting what keeps GROHE busy as an industry leader, change maker, identity creator. That’s why we made urbanization, sustainability, health & well-being our key issues. A one-of-a-kind experience, to meet like-minded individuals, engage in stimulating discussions and learn from a team of experts. 
Always delivering the right depth for any relevant target group. With each event topic kicked-off by inspiring people, stories, panels. Followed by masterclasses on projects and solutions to finally deliver fact snacks for various different target groups. 

We created a digital event where makers and visionaries met to create a better tomorrow – watched in more than 100 countries. With true experts sharing knowledge and sparking new ideas.  Showcasing innovative solutions and pioneering projects. A place for information and inspiration to flow.  The event spanned three full days filled with discussions, debates, and dynamic content, all revolving around the overarching theme of Caring for Water. Each day had a specific focus on a crucial topic – urbanization, sustainability, and health & well-being – approached from diverse angles. 
Attendees had the opportunity to explore the future of living, gain insights, and reimagine the use of water in our households.
Project done at Parasol Island
for Grohe
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