I am a director of multimedia experiences. With 10 years in the brand and advertising scene, I bring a wealth of experience to the table.
In my role as a creative lead, I specialise in crafting innovative concepts and ideas. My journey involves also ensuring their seamless integration from the initial client briefing to the final production. I develop and visualise concepts through various mediums such as Moodfilms, Styleframes, Moodboards, Presentations and more, always with an unwavering commitment to artistic integrity.
My passion extends beyond traditional boundaries, particularly in exploring diverse tools and media to curate immersive multimedia productions, AI, AR/VR experiences, and virtual productions. I firmly believe that there is an ever-expanding horizon of possibilities. 
I thrive on adaptability, blend into existing teams to contribute my expertise and foster collaboration. When the project demands, I like to lead in putting together freelancers that are just right for the job. I make sure each person in the team fits well with what the project needs, so we can work together smoothly and get things done well.
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